About the Show

Nate Green and Jason Lengstorf; photo by Tyler Dylan
Nate Green and Jason Lengstorf (photo by Tyler Dylan)

Two Friends Talking About Things (2FTAT [TOOF-tat] for short) is a recorded series of conversations between long-time friends Jason Lengstorf and Nate Green.

For Nate and Jason, personal growth and development has always been a primary focus. And deep, brutally honest conversations about their successes, failures, challenges, and fears have played a critical role in that personal development.

But it’s a little unusual for grown men to have best friends. And it’s pretty intimidating to have a truly open conversation with a stranger.

2FTAT is not a replacement for real conversation, but it’s an attempt to open a window into the kinds of deep conversations that have helped shape Nate and Jason into the people they are today, and that will help them continue to develop into better people as time goes on. (They hope.)

For a full intro and statement of goals, listen to the What Are We Talking About episode.