What Are We Talking About?

So what are we doing here, anyways?

Nate Green and Jason Lengstorf discuss their friendship and the conversations they’ve had over the years, and how those conversations have led to huge improvements.

Topics include vulnerability, whether or not it’s okay for men to have “best friends”, the value of open conversation, hobbies, and follow-through.

Show Notes

Part 1: Best Friends

Nate and Jason talk about the history of their friendship and the value of having a best friend.

1:50 — Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis

3:07 — “I really didn’t like you the first time that we met. I think the first year or so I just, like, put up with you.” - Nate

6:21 — “That was like the glue that held our friendship together – you would get me invited to parties, and I would make sure you didn’t fail your classes.” – Jason

7:00 — Nate and Jason talk about how similar ambitions and different skill sets helped their friendship grow.

13:30 — Chris Rock’s quote about being your own representative

15:04 — “I feel that best friends are something that little girls have.” – Nate

17:48 — “It was always nice to just hit you up and say ‘Hey, can you maybe sanity-check me here and make sure I’m not doing something that’s 100% directed by my penis.’” – Jason

Part 2: Deep Conversations

Nate and Jason talk about the importance of deep conversations and explain why this podcast exists.

1:00 — PN = Precision Nutrition

1:40 — “It’s a matter of asking questions and sharing experience. I feel like the less that you give advice, the better the conversations are.” – Nate

4:20 — “Teaching something is learning it twice.” – Jason (the original quote is by French writer Joseph Joubert)

7:10 — Nate and Jason explain why this podcast exists

14:14 — Common’s “Come Close” music video, ft. Mary J. Blige

18:47 — Nate and Jason talk about their various side-projects throughout the years, such as selling drugs, stealing random things and starting a clothing company.

20:54 — “We sold a company for a profit, then lost the profit due to tax fraud. Go team.” – Jason

23:55 — “I’m really happy and proud that this is the project that we’re at least breathing some life into – enough to put out into the world.” – Nate